About Us

In late 2010, Jenny Lewis and her daughter Shannah Fedus were both feeling frustrated with their overcrowded closets when a brilliant solution hit them like a ton of bricks.  In a conversation about the perils of hanging multiple tank tops on one hanger Shannah, Jenny's daughter, expressed to her Mom: "Why can't we hang a bunch on one?"  The concept and company name Hang A Bunch - was born.  www.hangabunch.com

The pair researched the marketplace to determine if what they envisioned was available to consumers already.  Their search came up empty and it was clear closets were lacking the gadgets they conceptualized.  So from a seemingly simple idea, a one-of-a-kind invention and new business was established.

The days ahead were filled with personally drawing up different designs, creating multiple prototypes, conducting tons of research into manufacturers, obtaining patents, trademarks and working hard to build relationships that would support the growth of the company.  Once the ball got rolling, as they say, things evolved very quickly - and continue to do so!

This mother-daughter team is committed to making Hang A Bunch a household necessity.  They also have expanded their product line thru HAB3Design to include "Made In America" products that make life a little more organized and fun.

Thank you for visiting and please call or email with any questions or thoughts.

For media inquiries or to receive wholesale pricing information, please call or email us at:

office phone 248-723-8600 / email info@hangabunch.com